Voice That Is Tailored To Your Business

Consumer-centric voice technology provides your customers with the best experience when interacting with your company.

NGNCloudComm brings voice to the next generation, bringing pristine voice quality bundled with unmatched functionality all in one solution.

Unprecedented Function and Control

Our solution provides connectivity to public telephone networks via our state-of-the-art, geographically redundant switching facilities. It’s contact center software that’s pure plug-and-play on an enterprise scale.


NGNCloudComm creates the most seamless inbound experience for both customers and your contact center, removing any friction for the customer to connect with your business.

Inbound interactions are naturally of higher priority because it is the customer’s desire to talk to the contact center. NGNCloudComm puts you in the driver seat to determine how to route, prioritize, and treat each inbound interaction to guarantee the best customer experience.

Enhance the abilities of your agents by giving them the tools they need to successfully assist any customer that comes their way. NGNCloudComm is an asset for contact centers in giving them next-generation customer-centric technology.

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Simplify and innovate the outbound strategy with the most innovative solution on the market. NGNCloudComm automates routine tasks, assisting agents to get the most talk-time with live contacts, eliminates time wasted with unanswered calls and busy lines, drastically increases agent productivity, and can inform agents with a preview of each customer before the call. This creates a large impact on your bottom line with a sizable ROI just from the new possibilities NGNCloudComm provides.

Our A.I. engine learns from internal and external behaviors and adjusts the system accordingly. A part of this is our patented technology that applies an intelligent methodology to adjust abandon rates.

With out outbound capabilities you can dial calls in the way your business needs, with predictive, progressive, manual, and agent-less features. Expand the horizon of what is possible for your business with NGNCloudComm.

Call Tactics - Business Rules

Business rules are the fundamental rulesets and protocols that your business runs by, allowing you to operate and work with customers in a specific and structured way. Oftentimes these are just enforced by management or not even enforced enough. That all changes with NGNCloudComm.

We understand that in order to operate successfully each business needs to strictly adhere to their set rules or tactics for how to handle certain scenarios. NGNCloudComm automatically enforces these business rules or tactics that your company operates with, eliminating risks that come from these not being applied.


NGNCloudComm supports the customer in meeting regulatory requirements.

Configuration of unique calling names and numbers per campaign which are sent to the public telephone network. These numbers can be assigned statically to a campaign or individual leads, or multiple numbers can be assigned to campaigns for rotated usage or geocoded application to calls

-Donotcall flags can be configured on a record within the script or by the supervisor.

-Automate messages can be left on an answering machine or played to a live connection with a prompt to “opt-out” of the calling list.

-Abandon rate

-Dialing laws

-TCPA dialing option

-PCI, HIPPA, and virtually any compliance framework supported!