Unified Digital Channels

Adapt to consumer trends by allowing your customers to connect and contact your business through the channel of their choice. SMS is becoming a huge part of how consumers interact with companies. NGNCloudComm facilitates contact centers to effectively run on all channels.

As critical as this is, it is just as critical to unify all digital communication channels into a consolidated location. Give your agents the tools they need to provide exceptional customer experience.

Agents have a 360-degree view of the customer’s history, information, and inquiries. The best help comes with the most accurate information. NGNCloudComm unifies all digital channels and all customer information to make this possible.



Meet Customers Where They Are

Crowded public places, busy streets, noisy kids, hectic work schedules – your customers are unable to make or take a phone call the majority of their day. The one thing they are constantly doing amongst all their busy lives is texting. Meet your customers where they are, and join us in the Next Generation of Networking.

Seamlessly Drive All Channels

Having all channels interwoven together as an artificial neural network makes communication frictionless and helpful. Both your employees and your consumers benefit from a solution that is seamlessly able to drive all channels. In a word where consumers are constantly on the go, SMS plays a key role in connecting with the contact center through mobile devices.

SMS That Makes A Bottom Line Impact

Fast Support = Enhanced CX

In a world where everyone owns a cell phone, people want to be able to resolve their concerns as quickly as they can find out what’s for dinner. The best way to do this is through the devices that people have with them 24/7. SMS capabilities enhance your business’s ability to meet people on their schedule, whenever they need you.

Multi-Function Agents

Agents can work any channel all in one consolidated and simple interface. With NGNCloudComm, agents are enabled to be versatile with any channel, adapting to how people want to connect with your business.

Boost Productivity

NGNCloudComm eliminates downtime for the agents by unifying all communication channels into one solution. Agents no longer need to be switching platforms to switch between communication channels. That means that agents spend all of their time assisting the people that rely on and use your business. Give your agents the means to be more productive by using the next-generation networking technology of NGNCloudComm.