Everything You Need, All With One Solution, At One Price

An Omni-Channel Cloud Solution Built On An Artificial Neural Network

NGNCloudComm gives you the advantage of having a single system with all the features, capabilities, and possibilities your need in a seamlessly interwoven solution.

Each individual part of the system is interconnected like the human brain; each part has its specialized function but is connected and talks to the other parts through the connectivity of an Artificial Neural Network.

Web Agent
RealTime Reporting
Integrated Recording
Strategy Designer
Historical Reports
Integrated IVR
Agent Scripting
Virtual Hold
Quality Assurace
Multiple Dialers
Engage Now
A.I. Engine

Deployed Your Way

Regardless of the deployment method, our solution is the same – with the same features and capabilities regardless of where it is hosted! NGNCloudComm can be deployed in the Cloud (Private or Public), On-Premise or Hybrid!

In the Cloud


On Premise

Singular System

NGNCloudComm is the one-stop shop for everything your business needs. Eliminate the headache and cost of having to handle multiple systems to accomplish your contact center and business goals.

AllinOne contact center offers superior dialing capabilities blended with inbound calling, email, SMS, webchat, recording, monitoring, WFM, and so much more! The platform can integrate with virtually any infrastructure.

Simplify your operations while increasing your results and lowering your operational costs. Imagine how much better your contact center will perform with this kind of simplicity and functionality.

Real-Time Data Point Access

NGNCloudComm is built with advanced real-time reporting functionality to allow your business to instantly access data to make the most informed decisions. Access a whole new way of seeing your business operate with our ability to have rich real-time data at your fingertips.

On top of that, NGNCloudComm’s gamification and performance management feature – NGNInsights – automates the analysis of performance data in realtime, visualizing how each agent is performing according to the expectations you set for them.

Freedom of Independent Change

Make the key changes your business needs to the software without any dependency on us. NGNCloudComm is built for your business, and with our no programming required approach, anyone can make the changes needed on the fly.

We understand business is dynamic and things are ever-changing, so it is critical your software can adapt at the speed you need and never bottleneck while waiting for the vendor to make a change.