End-To-End Features, One Solution, One Price

From the Customer to the Agent, to the Supervisors, to the Administrator, to the C-suite – NGNCloudComm brings value to the entire business, seamlessly integrating and connecting your entire operation.

Limitless Possibilities - An Omni-Channel Cloud Solution Built On An Artificial Neural Network

NGNCloudComm gives you the advantage of having one single system with all the features, capabilities, and possibilities your need in a seamlessly interwoven single solution.

Each individual part of the system is interconnected like the human brain; each part has its specialized function but is connected and talks to the other parts through the connectivity of an Artificial Neural Network

Web Agent
RealTime Reporting
Integrated Recording
Strategy Designer
Historical Reports
Integrated IVR
Agent Scripting
Virtual Hold
Quality Assurace
Multiple Dialers
Engage Now
A.I. Engine

Innovation and Functionality For The Agent


Portion of Costs In a Contact Center That Are Labor Cost


Based on Behavioral Science, NGNInsights gamifies the agent’s work promoting higher agent engagement, performance, & productivity. NGNInsights ties directly into the KPI’s that define success in the contact center to help agents be continuously high performing and develop habits of consistency. 

Phone-less Agent

Onboard agents quicker and enable agents to work from anywhere. All that is needed is a web browser and a headset!

With the Phoneless agent capability, employees no longer need old fashioned “hardware” to get the job done as well agents do not even need a softphone!

Fast Resolution

With all the new tools agents have through NGNCloudComm, agents are able to get a 360-degree view of customer interactions to better know how to assist each customer. On top of that, agents can work through all channels in one single system, giving agents the most time to be able to have direct contact with customers.

The Agent Assistant

Imagine if each agent had an assistant that tells them what they are doing well, how they can improve, and what things to focus on? This is what NGNInsights does for the agent, unlocking new potential for agents to know what is expected of them and how they are performing in real-time according to that expectation. 


Routine task automation enhances agent retention and morale because agents are able to save time and energy not spent on these things. Through the ability to automate any repetitive or routine task agents are able to have more personable interactions with customers.

The Innovation of Agent Management

Agent Performance - At Your Fingertips

NGNInsights provides management with a Personal Assistant allowing them to focus their time on the true priorities that lead to business outcomes.

By simplifying contact centers’ traditional operational processes to manage performance and data, NGNInsights enables smart decision making. Management is empowered with actionable insights resulting in the best practices and decisions.

Automated Analysis

How much time do supervisors spend daily analyzing reports? NGNCloudComm gives supervisors the ability to automate performance data analysis, giving supervisors the conclusions and critical metrics needed to make impactful improvements.

Full Time Coaches

Now with automated performance data analysis, supervisors can more fully dedicate their time to personally coaching agents. 

NGNCloudComm gives supervisors deep real-time reporting functionality, and with NGNInisghts supervisors are equipped to better help their team.

Complete Transparency

NGNCloudComm gives supervisors a new level of transparency on what is going on with their agents and ways to improve overall performance and operations.

Administrating The Contact Center in One Click

No Code - Just Click

With our innovative solution, any changes, customizations, or new additions you want to make are all able to be done in a click of a mouse.

NGNCloudComm was built by the very people that have managed day-to-day operations in the contact center; we have designed this solution from your point of view. 

Your Ideal Is Now Your reality

Our solution adapts to your way of business, not the other way around! Have in mind an ideal way you want calls to be routed, emails to be organized, reports to be generated? NGNCloudComm puts the power in your hands to create your ideal for how the contact center operates. No limits and no restraints – because like we say: ” Let your only limitation be your imagination” 

Versatility & Adaptability

NGNCloudComm gives you the opportunity to be versatile and adaptable to the needs and preferences of the people that connect with your business. Admins can confidently handle anything that comes their way because NGNCloudComm gives them a complete onmi-channel solution.


No admin no problem! Whether your contact center does or does not have the technical resources, NGNCloudComm improves the overral operations by simplifying how changes are made to the system – making everyone’s life easier. Free up resources to be allocated in more important places.

Better Insight - Better Decisions For the C-Level

Better Data =Better Decisions

NGNCloudComm is equipped with state of the art deep reporting functionality. From exact drill-downs to pinpointing trends, to challenge indicators, NGNCloudComm delivers your data so you can get the complete realtime picture of how your contact center is doing and what are the business implications attached.


Have the assurance that your consumers are the first priority. With NGNCloudComm your business will be able to deliver better on all areas, retaining & gaining more positive traction for business growth.



Being an Omni-Channel Cloud Solution built on an Artificial Neural Network, your business gets the full package right from the start. NGNCloudComm delivers an ROI from day one that keeps paying out from its unmatched functionality and capabilities.

Complete Transparency

See your business on a whole new level with NGNCloudComm. Being a solution that adapts to the way you do business, NGNCloudComm gives transparency of everything going well, areas of improvement, and everything in between. Pinpoint potential challenges before they happen and gain a deeper understanding of how your consumers interact with your company and how your contact center is performing.