Unified Digital Channels

Completely integrated email as part of the entire solution is a must to be able to organize and quickly assist customers in an effective manner. NGNCloudComm unifies all customer interaction data to give agents the complete context for each customer. In doing so, email becomes a part of the overall customer interaction story, not just a fragmented communication channel.

To deliver the best customer experience, NGNCloudComm provides the most simple, intuitive, and organized end-to-end native blended solution to effectively manage every channel in one place with all customer interaction data.

With the unified agent desktop, agents can hop from a phone call, chat session, email, text, or social interaction all in one unified application, enabling the most productive and focused agent workforce. This is customer-centric technology at its finest.


Advanced Email Campaigns

With Email being such a popular channel, have the functionality to integrate advanced email campaigns. NGNCloudComm gives you all the flexibility to personalize the email campaign to your specific business preferences and needs.

Provide Quick Responses

In this fast-paced world, give your company a competitive advantage by showing up for customers when they need it. Responsiveness proves reliability, and that is what creates value for businesses in this customer-centric world.

Email With Added Return On Investment

Increased Agent Productivity

The true advantage of a completely connected omnichannel solution is that the agents have all customer interaction history at their fingertips.

Agents with better tools are able to respond faster and even use auto-responses or templates to repetitive subjects for quicker responding.

Better Customer Service

If not handled right, email can be a difficult channel to navigate. NGNCloudComm allows companies to organize and navigate email in the most effective way possible to provide exceptional customer service through routing and transferring.

NGNCloudComm’s artificial neural network’s connectivity ties all channels into one, and, through our powerful integrations, even the internal systems your business uses can join forces with our platform.

Lower Operational Costs

Through efficiency gains that eliminate downtime by having a single all in one solution, operational costs are lowered.

In addition, NGNCloudComm requires no physical hardware: giving other gains in operational savings.

Powerful Integrations

Foundational to providing exceptional customer experience is the complete information of the customer history. NGNCloudComm seamlessly ties every channel together – in addition to any third-party systems your contact center uses – providing the most personalized customer experience.