Unified Digital Channels

Unified digital communication channels are critical to delivering exceptional customer experience. NGNCloudComm’s chat functionality is seamlessly integrated and tied to all other communication channels to provide agents with the tools and information they need to deliver a satisfying customer experience.

NGNCloudComm unifies all customer interaction data to give agents the complete context for each customer. In doing so agents are better equiped to chat with customers to quickly solve their challenges.

To deliver the best customer experience, NGNCloudComm provides the most simple, intuitive, and organized end-to-end native blended solution to effectively manage every channel in one place with all customer interaction data.

With the unified agent desktop, agents can hop between a phone call, chat session, email, and text interaction all in one unified application, enabling the most productive and focused agent workforce. This is customer-centric technology at its finest.

Personalized Two Way Communication Through Your Website

Live Chat is a huge opportunity for businesses to be there for customers and to convert any incoming prospects into customers. Give your business an extra boost in customer experience by being there for customers on the website.

Single Interface

The Chat channel is yet another channel that comes with NGNCloudComm offering, providing a completely unified communication platform across all channels. Agents can jump to a call, to a chat, or to an email all in a single application.

Chat That Proves Its Return On Investment

Boost CX

Give customers the option to connect in the form and channel they choose – meet customers where they are. Think about how you connect with the companies you do business with; do you use the channel of your choice? Do they provide you a way to connect with them that fits your busy life and preferences? The reality is that businesses succeed when they make it easy for customers to connect with them and resolve their needs.

Lower Operational Cost

The all-inclusive NGNCloudComm solution provides all the features & functionality with no hidden fees and no extra charges for services, lowering the operating cost for the contact center.

In addition, with agents being able to work all channels in a single interface there is a significant ROI due to the near elimination of all downtime/nonproduction time from agents having to switch from separate softwares to access other channels or campaigns.

Increased Agent Productivity

Lowering the resistance and distractions that plague agents increases their focus and eases their workflow. Now agents can communicate in any channels with all customer interaction data in our unified agent desktop. Things like logging in or out of different applications, training new agents on multiple systems, an abundance of manual tasks, and a plethora of other inefficiencies can add up to be a substantial financial cost to the operation. Before these operational costs were seen as an inevitable expense – not with NGNCloudComm. Convert these costs to an ROI for the contact center.