Let Your Imagination
Be Your Only Limitation

NGNCloudComm has seemingly unlimited ways of engaging, whether it be Voice, Email, Chat, or SMS. With customers in the driver’s seat, you need to be able to engage with them on any channel they choose but weave it all together for a contextual, holistic 360-degree view.








































Omni-Channel Communications

To successfully build a single view, you need a solution that integrates all the available channel choices and interactions together and anticipates they may start in one but move to another.

An “omni-channel” approach means more relevant, consistent engagement for improved satisfaction and retention, and it contributes to better business decisions.

Web Agent
RealTime Reporting
Integrated Recording
Strategy Designer
Historical Reports
Integrated IVR
Agent Scripting
Virtual Hold
Quality Assurace
Multiple Dialers
Engage Now
A.I. Engine


Gone are the days of purchasing one, two, or even three separate solutions for the contact center to have the agility needed to service your consumers on their channel of choice. NGNCloudComm is your one-stop-shop for all your contact center needs.

Ensure that your customers can seamlessly connect with you through any channel all while keeping your costs low and operations simple.

NGNCloudComm is the way to go!

The Solution To The Two Most Critical Priorities

The days of trying to balance delivering the best customer experience possible as well as lowering your operating cost are over! With NGNCloudComm, contact centers automatically achieve both. Our contact center centric way of business gives companies all that they need at one simple price. No hidden fees,  no hidden service charges – no surprises.

NGNCloudComm was built by the very people that have managed day-to-day operations in the contact center; we have designed this solution from your point of view. Our solution adapts to your way of business, not the other way around!

Bringing Customer Service to the 21st Century

NGNCloudComm has seemingly unlimited ways of engaging, whether it be voice, email, chat, or SMS.

With customers in the driver’s seat, you need to be able to engage with them on any channel they choose but weave it all together for a contextual, holistic 360-degree view.

Otherwise, the complete story can be lost – leading to poor service and potentially negative business consequences.

Unified Solution

Customer Engagement

Intelligent Routing

Omni- Channel Access

Eliminate Customer Repetition

Fast, Easy, First Call Resolution

Gamification + Advanced Insights + Realtime Data

NGNCloudComm has the world’s most innovative Gamification & Performance Management solution built right in – NGNInsights.

NGNInsights enables managers to create continuous and uninterrupted feedback with their call center agents, ensuring that each member of the contact center team continues to improve their performance while also developing new skills.

Agents can view their performance in real-time and make immediate adjustments accordingly. Not surprisingly, this immediate feedback is one of the top drivers of employee satisfaction and retention.

Managers have never experienced technology like this before! With the help of NGNInsights, managers can train agents to take pride and ownership of their performance and ongoing improvement.



The Innovation of Automation & Simplicity In The Contact Center

Phoneless Agents

Our goal is to simplify how the contact center operates and reduce unnecessary costs. With the Phoneless agent capability, employees no longer need old fashioned “hardware” or even a softphone to get the job done. NGNCloudComm simplifies and boosts employee productivity by removing added potential points of failure, allowing your agents to work from virtually any device with little more than a web browser!

Singular System

NGNCloudComm unifies all communication channels and systems into one singular system. This eliminates “down time” or “nonproduction time” switching from one system to the next. Agents can maintain a high level of productivity and efficiency by being able to stay in one application all the time.

Codeless Changes on the Fly

Make all changes to production, scripting, IVR, reporting, and much more by your own team – no dependency on us. We realize that business is dynamic and ever-changing; NGNCloudComm provides unmatched versatility to make changes to the system with no programming background needed. 

We Don't Talk Telephony... We Talk Business

We believe that companies should control their destiny, meaning that the software they employ should be fully adaptable & agile to the business, but most important, it should also talk the same language as the business.

NGNCloudComm enhances what business communication software can do by not only providing the traditional data from the telephony point of view, but also by bringing the Business Rules and language to our software so you can make informed decisions in real time based on business data.


Our solution is the same, with the same features and capabilities regardless of the deployment method! Our solution can be deployed in the Cloud (Private or Public), On-Premise, or Hybrid!

NGNCloudComm adapts to your business needs, not the other way around, providing a limitless opportunity for maximum success.


Introducing EngageNow

Facilitate the most innovative customer experience by allowing your customers to call into the call center from your website! EngageNow turns any web-enabled device into a powerful communication device.  Now you can even add a new voice channel to your website without the cost of phone lines.

No more looking up the correct phone number, finding the phone to call it, and waiting to be transferred to the right department. Customers can Engage with the Contact Center and be directly routed to the right agent!

On top of all this, the website or app can transmit any activity or information already gathered, eliminating redundant repetition of information.  Maximize your customer experience while removing the cost of the call!

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The Ultimate Campaign Solution

Call Tactics – Business Rules
Multi-Campaign Combination
Intelligent Scripting
Agent Versatility
Instant Adaptation
In-depth Reporting


A significant benefit of NGNCloudComm is the ability to make it work the way I want it to…without the expense of Professional Services.  Other providers make you fit into their product requirements, that is not the case with NGNCloudComm”

Brian Theusch

Vice President of Information Technology, TLC

The Grupo NGN team defines integrity.  It is so refreshing to work with such an innovative, ethical and genuinely caring company.  Their pioneering products and solutions allow eTech to provide the best services and outcomes to our customers.

The flexibility of Grupo NGN’s solutions and team of experts as well as their accessibility goes above and beyond what one typically expects from a cloud-based solutions company. Grupo NGN has truly mastered the customer experience.

Jim Iyoob

Chief Customer Officer, eTech Global Services

… it's incredible the power of the Grupo NGN team and the agility to adjust the programming, thinking of the need for the end-user, congratulations to all!!

Mauricio Martinez

Commercial Management, INNCET